About us

Luis Coronel Arriaga is the owner and general manager of G.L.C. Boxwoods Corporation. He is an enterprising individual with 11 years of experience in Landscaping. Luis has many long-time clients in this area, however he has just decided to update the name of his company and create a new website. Luis is an energetic, independent and practical businessman who truly loves what he does and takes great pride in his work.

Luis is grateful to have an excellent team of hard-working and trustworthy employees. He himself is present on every job site so he can oversee the projects. Luis expects good attention to detail from his entire team and that requires him to work at the pace of his employees and give gentle guidance when needed.

For nearly his entire life, Luis has been working in the Hamptons. He’s very familiar with the beautiful variety of plants, flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs that can grow and thrive here. He knows well the seasons of the northeast with its dramatic changes in temperature and is experienced in preparing his clients’ gardens to get through the harsh winter.

Luis will happily accept jobs at private homes, small businesses, parks, or schools from Montauk to Southampton. He works Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am till 5:30 pm in the spring, summer and fall. He has a list of clients who are available to provide references if necessary.


Feel free to call anytime to speak to Luis and receive a free estimate. Luis is always available to advise his customers, whether it be on planting the right kind of tree, designing an aesthetically pleasing garden, or configuring the layout of an irrigation system.

The team at G.L.C. Boxwoods Corporation is highly skilled when it comes to planting flowers and greenery, cutting lawns, trimming hedges and much, much more! Call us at 631-680-4978.

We look forward to speaking with you!